Rapeseed wax for pillar candles, molded candles and tealight candles

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Rapeseed wax for making pillar candles, molded candles and pearl candles, is 100% of vegetable origin, and manufactured in Spain. It is obtained from rapeseed oil and is free of genetic modification.

The APF (High Melting Point) rapeseed wax, indicated for making figures, should not exceed 75ºC. And the optimum temperature for adding fragrance, coloring and pouring is 55ºC.

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Our rapeseed wax for Pillar candles, Molded candles and Candles is obtained by hydrogenation of rapeseed oil itself.

– Ivory White

– Ideal for making Pillar candles, Molded candles and Candles.

– With a smooth and creamy finish. Without cracks.

– Canola wax has a high fragrance retention rate. This makes it ideal for the production of scented candles.

– Biodegradable, renewable and environmentally friendly. Free of genetic modification (GMO free)

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