Pre-waxed Eco Cotton Wicks

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Pre-waxed eco cotton wicks . Pack of 25

12 cm lengh. Includes wick sustainer

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Made of natural cotton and paper filaments interlaced for a more stable and consistent burn.

– Recommended for vegetable wax candles. Stable and clean burn.

– No soot or smoke.

– Eco-friendly

– Lead-free

– Zinc free

  • Size guide according to container diameter:

AV35 up to 3.5 cm diameter

AV45 up to 4.5 cm diameter

AV55 up to 5 cm diameter

AV60 up to 6 cm diameter

AV65 up to 6.7 cm diameter

AV75 up to 6 cm diameter

AV85 up to 7.6 cm diameter

AV100 up to 8.5 cm diameter

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AV35 for candle diameter 3.5 cm, AV45 for candle diameter 4.5 cm, AV55 for candle diameter 5 cm, AV60 for candle diameter 6 cm, AV65 for candle diameter 6.7 cm, AV75 for candle diameter 7 cm, AV85 for candle diameter 7.6 cm, AV100 for candle diameter 8.5 cm