Lemon Mousse Fragrance

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Lemon Mousse, Fragrance suitable for candles, soaps, diffusers and room sprays.

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Lemon Mousse Fragrance. Fresh – Citrus

– Suitable and tested for candle making, with excellent results of aromatic durability of more than 48 months.

– Suitable for 8% candles, melted wax (8-10%), soaps (0.5%-1%), diffusers (25%) and room sprays (1%-5%).

– Not tested on animals

– Paraben free

– Vegan

Ingredients: acetato de linalilo, (R) -menta-1,8-dieno, linalol, 2-bencilidenheptanal, geraniol, piperonal, 4-(4-hidroxi-4-metilpentil) ciclohex-3-enocarbaldehido, oct-2-inoato de metilo.
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