Floral Ecstasy fragrance

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Floral Ecstasy, Fragrance suitable for candles, soaps, diffusers and room sprays.

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Fragrance Floral Ecstasy. Sweet – Floral

The scent opens with the pure, ethereal freshness of the lotus flower, evoking the image of its radiant white petals floating in a serene pond. The main note is its soft, aquatic fragrance, enveloping the senses with a soothing and refreshing sensation. As it develops, sandalwood enters the scene, adding an earthy, creamy warmth that perfectly complements the delicacy of the lotus flower. Andalusian jasmine unfolds with its exotic and intoxicating scent, bringing an intense yet balanced floral note that adds depth and mystery to the whole. Roses are gently woven into the composition, offering a soft, romantic floral nuance that softens the intensity of the jasmine and brings a sense of femininity and elegance. Overall, this scent evokes the image of an oriental garden in full bloom, where natural beauty merges with serenity and sensual charm.

– Suitable and tested for candle making, with excellent results of aromatic durability of more than 48 months.
– Suitable for 8% candles, melted wax (8-10%), soaps (0.5%-1%), diffusers (25%) and room sprays (1%-5%).
– Not tested on animals
– Paraben free
– Vegan


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