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Coco Milk & Vanilla Tahití Fragrance

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Fragrance suitable for making candles, soaps, diffusers and room sprays.

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Coco Milk & Tahitian Vanilla Fragrance. Fruity-fresh

A sensory journey through paradisiacal aromas.
Coco Milk & Tahitian Vanilla is a delicious and sensual fragrance that transports you to an island paradise. This combination creates a sweet, warm and inviting scent that will make you feel irresistible.

– Suitable and tested for candle making, with excellent results of aromatic durability of more than 48 months.
– Suitable for 8% candles, melted wax (8-10%), soaps (0.5%-1%), diffusers (25%) and room sprays (1%-5%).
– Not tested on animals
– Paraben free
– Vegan



Ingredientes: Benzoato de bencilo(120-51-4); Hexanoato de alilo(123-68-2); acetato de nerilo(141-12-8); Heptanoato de alilo(142-19-8); Allyl, 3-cyclohexylpropionate(2705-87-5); Citral(5392-40-5);
(R)-p-Menta-1,8-dieno(5989-27-5); Allyl-(3-methylbutoxy)acetat(67634-00-8); 2,4-Dimetilciclohex-3-eno-1-carbaldehído(68039-49-6); Linalol(78-70-6); Cumarina(91-64-5)

30 ml, 60 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L