Wooden wick crosshead Pack of 10

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Wooden wicks in the shape of a cross to make candles in a container. Also called “Cross Wood Wick

Measurements: 5 and 8 cm long. Includes metal support.

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Natural wooden wicks in the shape of a cross for the production of candles in containers of 6 to 8 cm in diameter.

– Natural alternative to traditional candle wicks and it  emits a slight crackling sound reminiscent of a campfire when lit.

– Visually attractive, easy to assemble and known for the quality of its natural combustion.

– With a single wick you can make several measurements if you need other smaller lengths. If you need extra metal brackets, we also sell them separately.

– The wooden wick in the shape of a cross or “crosshead” guarantees a long-lasting, bright and stable flame without excessive residue.

– These wooden candle wicks have not been treated with any chemicals and are perfect for making your own paraffin, rapeseed and soy wax candles.

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Weight 40 g

13mm X 80mm height